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We feature films running the gamut from Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. You know that random video you got on VHS from some random mom and pop video store when you were 12? Yeah, we covered it. So sit back and enjoy the OTC ride. Tune into our Live shows every Wednesday at 6pm EST over at www.tv.outsidethecinema.com

Cagetober continues with the John Woo Action........fest Face/Off and the Black Comedy/Horror flick Mom and Dad.

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Marz joins us for the second week of Cagetober. we look at Next and Drive Angry.

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CAGETOBER BEGINS!!! Reviews of Snake Eyes ad Bad LT. Port of Call New Orleans.

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To make up for the mess of a show last week here is a interview with Kurando Mitsutake.

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Final week of 80's Cult Comedies we review Living Dreams and Where the Boys Are 84. Spoiler Alert it goes poorly. 

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80's Cult Comedy Month Marches on with reviews of Super Fuzz and Hot Pursuit.  

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Awesome Lotus and Ghost Writer 

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This week we start 80's Cult Comedy Month. We start off with the Greydon Clark film Wacko and then head over to class at High School USA with Michael J. Fox and the gang. 

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Bill and Kyle run trough the Horrorhound Premiere weekend for SOTFF

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Final week of Mexican Cult flicks. 

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