Outside the Cinema
We feature films running the gamut from Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. You know that random video you got on VHS from some random mom and pop video store when you were 12? Yeah, we covered it. So sit back and enjoy the OTC ride.
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Without Warning is a 1994 made-for-TV movie that presents a fictional news coverage of a series of meteorite strikes around the world. The film follows the events as they unfold, with reporters and scientists trying to make sense of the situation. The story raises questions about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the moral dilemmas that arise when faced with a potential threat. The film keeps viewers engaged by revealing information gradually and creating a sense of mystery. The finale of the film delivers a thought-provoking conclusion. Overall, Without Warning is a compelling and well-executed example of analog horror. The conversation covers the movie 'Without Warning' and the anthology film 'Creepypasta Death Net'. In 'Without Warning', the hosts discuss the lack of clarity regarding the purpose of the alien meteorites in the movie. They also mention other films with similar alien invasion themes. In 'Creepypasta Death Net', they critique the weak writing and execution of the anthology's stories. They highlight one particular story about a cursed poster that they found frustrating and poorly done. In this conversation, Bill and Prof. Christopher Bricklemyer discuss the movie 'Creepypasta Death Net' and the Lone Wolf and Cub film series. They critique the writing, acting, and overall execution of 'Creepypasta Death Net,' expressing disappointment with its lack of development and plot points. They also discuss the potential of the creepypasta genre and suggest alternative approaches to creating a more engaging anthology. They then transition to reviewing the Lone Wolf and Cub film series, praising its craftsmanship, storytelling, and impact on popular culture. They discuss the characters, plot, and performances in the first installment, 'Sword of Vengeance,' and express excitement for the rest of the series. Finally, they review two other films, 'Special Bulletin' and 'Without Warning,' highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

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The conversation covers a range of topics including personal updates, mental health, family dynamics, video games, and movie reviews. It delves into the host's experiences with anxiety, medication, and family relationships, as well as their children's activities and interests. The discussion also includes a review of the movie 'Skullduggery' and the anticipation of a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul. The conversation covers two movies, 'Skullduggery' and 'The Last Movie Star,' both starring Burt Reynolds. 'Skullduggery' is a 1970 film with a plot involving adventure, deception, and a courtroom drama. 'The Last Movie Star' is about an aging movie star coming to terms with his past and present. The conversation delves into the themes, characters, and overall impact of both films. The conversation covers a review of the movie 'The Last Movie Star', a discussion of the 'Wrong Turn' series, and a review of the movie 'Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga'. The hosts share their thoughts on the characters, plot, and overall impact of the movies, providing insights and critiques.

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n this conversation, Bill and Professor Christopher Bricklemyer discuss the movie 'Chameleon Street' and the real-life con artist it is based on. They explore the themes of deception, narcissism, and the consequences of living a life of lies. They also discuss the charm and intelligence of the main character and how he could have succeeded if he had chosen a legitimate path. The conversation touches on the challenges of maintaining multiple identities and the mistakes that ultimately lead to his downfall. In this part of the conversation, Bill and Professor Christopher Bricklemyer discuss the themes and flaws of the film 'Chameleon Street'. They explore the protagonist's constant search for the next best thing and his lack of satisfaction with his life. They also discuss the film's fast-paced narrative and jumbled storytelling. The conversation then transitions to the film 'Buzzard', where they discuss the main character's petty criminal activities and his lack of ambition. They highlight the film's satirical portrayal of workplace frustrations and the protagonist's foolish schemes. Overall, they have mixed opinions about both films. In this final part of the conversation, Bill and Chris discuss the movie 'Buzzard' and give their recommendations and grades. They then review the movie 'Sorority House Massacre Part 3' and share their thoughts on its quality. Finally, they discuss the Patreon picks 'Disturbing Behavior' and 'Cruel Intentions 2' and give their opinions on these films. They also briefly mention the South African film 'Boy Kills World' and its unique style and humor. The conversation ends with a reminder to join the Patreon and follow them on social media.

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In this episode, Bill and Doctor Professor Bricklemyer discuss two movies: Dream Demon and Maniac Killer. They also talk about their kids' activities and upcoming hiatus. Dream Demon is a film that explores the theme of dreams and hauntings, taking inspiration from Nightmare on Elm Street. However, the execution falls short, leaving the audience unsure of what is haunting the protagonist. The lack of clarity extends to the role of the press in the story, as they are presented as potential villains but are not fully developed. The inconsistent character designs, particularly in the portrayal of the main antagonist, further detract from the film's effectiveness. The identity confusion between the young girl and the adult protagonist adds to the overall lack of coherence in the storytelling. Despite these flaws, the film showcases impressive practical effects, particularly in a memorable scene involving a silicone ear. Overall, Dream Demon receives a mediocre assessment due to its weak storytelling and lack of a clear narrative. In this conversation, Bill and Doctor Professor Bricklemyer review the films 'Manic Maniac Killer,'' They discuss the plot, characters, and inconsistencies in 'Manic Maniac Killer,' highlighting its Italian trash charm. They give their grades and recommendations for each film.


  • Dream Demon and Maniac Killer are two movies discussed in this episode.
  • The hosts share updates on their kids' activities and achievements.
  • The British press is criticized for its invasive and sensationalist approach.
  • The dream sequences in Dream Demon are intentionally ambiguous, keeping the audience guessing. Dream Demon fails to effectively execute its exploration of dreams and hauntings, leaving the audience confused about the nature of the haunting.
  • The role of the press in the story is underdeveloped, resulting in a lack of a clear antagonist.
  • The inconsistent character designs, particularly in the portrayal of the main antagonist, detract from the film's effectiveness.
  • The identity confusion between the young girl and the adult protagonist adds to the overall lack of coherence in the storytelling.
  • Despite its flaws, Dream Demon showcases impressive practical effects, particularly in a memorable scene involving a silicone ear.
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In this episode of Outside the Cinema, Bill and Chris review the movies Blue Thunder and Lisa and the Devil. They discuss the weather and the start of baseball season. They also talk about the director John Badham and his filmography. The conversation touches on the low-key racism and sexism in Blue Thunder. The plot of the movie is summarized, and the technology used in the film, including the microphones. They also discuss the plot, the real stunts and action sequences, and the memorable 80s score.  In Lisa and the Devil, they talk about the confusing plot and the dream-like atmosphere. They highlight the failures of the screenplay in creating a cohesive and interesting story. The hosts discuss the visual style of Mario Bava and the lack of story in 'Lisa and the Devil'. 


  • The director John Badham has directed several notable films, including Saturday Night Fever and War Games.
  • Blue Thunder is a prototypical eighties action movie, with a focus on technology and a cool helicopter.
  • The movie features low-key racism and sexism, which was common in films of that era.
  • The microphones used in the film are not realistic, but they serve the purpose of the story.
  • Blue Thunder is an entertaining film that showcases the talent of the director and the actors.
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In this episode, Bill and Doctor Professor Bricklemyer discuss their week and Doctor Professor Bricklemyer's project of modifying his proton pack. They also thank their Patreon members for their support. The main topic of discussion is the movie 'Would You Rather', a 2012 film about a deadly game where participants must make difficult choices. In the movie 'Would You Rather,' a group of people are invited to a dinner party where they are forced to participate in a deadly game. The guests must choose between performing horrific tasks or facing dire consequences. As the game progresses, tensions rise and the true nature of the host is revealed. In the end, the surviving guest is left with a cruel twist of fate. The conversation discusses the racist and misogynistic themes in the film, as well as the unique and cheesy sci-fi outfits. The lack of safety precautions and the time travel element are also highlighted. The set building and lack of labels and writing are criticized, but the film is ultimately described as innocent and harmless. The positive aspects of the film, such as the sincerity of the actors, are acknowledged. The second half of the film is deemed boring, and the abrupt ending is mentioned.

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Season 15 Finale! Bill and Chris reveal their lists of the best and worst films reviewed on the show in the last year. 

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Sorry for the delay in posting this week it has been crazy but here we are starting to look at Films from 2014 abd for some reason we decided to start with The Den and Girl House. So bust a nut and take a listen.

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Reviews of Sisu and Attachment

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Happy Holidays everyone here are our reviews of "It's a Wonderful Knife" and "Totally Killer"

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Reviews of "Talk to Me' and Birth/Rebirth

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Reviews of Suitable Flesh and Night of the Hunted

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Reviews of "When Evil Lurks" and "There's Something Wrong With the Children"

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This week Chris bares his soul and we review 2 more Patreon picks . First it's Shane's pick of "The Eight Masters' and second is Andrei's choice "Sonatine" 

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This is Carl's Patreon Picks of Salute of the Juggers and Tomorrow I Will Wake Up and Scold Myself With Tea

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2023 releases this week with a Patreon Pick and a follow up to one of our more popular reviews from last year. Featured reviews of No One Can Save You and VHS85

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If you thought last week was trashy.....

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Reviews this week of the Religious found footage flick "Final Prayer" and the Japanese weird out "R100"

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Hey everyone, Bill and Chris return with a episode that turned out to be more of a therapy session than a normal show. Bill runs through the whole ordeal of what happened to him to lay him up in the hospital 16 days and Chris dives deep into a number of things that have been ongoing with him to help relieve his mind. This is a deep one and prob not for everyone but it was a great release for us. Nxt week we are back on track with show #800! Thanks for sticking with us through the unplanned break.  

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Reviews of City of Fire and Dark Waters 

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Holiday week means a show made up of bits and pieces, some real classics this week with reviews of "Sceams of a Winter's Night" and "Punisment Park. Joe grinds his way through "The Gudge 2" and we revist the time Tommy and Scott came to the studio to talk about erotic fiction. 

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The Blood on Levenger Satan Tapes Claw

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Direct download: Episode_795_Poison_11AM_for_the_Faries.mp3
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Back with a really new show this week. Reviews of Punk Rock! and the British Tv Mockumentary Alternative 3.

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This week proved to be to tough to get a full show put together so Bill has created the Illusion of a new episode with reviews of El Topo and The Time Guardian, plus a revist of one of the greatest Rev Scott segments of all time.

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Reviews of Bad Milo and The Cat

Direct download: Episode_790_The_Bad_Milo_Cat.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_789_The_Manitou_Glove.mp3
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Reviews of Omega Syndrome and Last Girl.

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Bottom of the barrel this week with reviews of "The Divine Enforcer" and Effects

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Reviews of Mood Indigo and Nightmare Weekend

Direct download: Episode_786_Nighmare_Mood_Weekend_Indigo.mp3
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Reviews of Death Line and The Astrolger

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Reviews of Beyond the Seventh Door and Arabella Black Angel

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Reviews of "The Loved Ones" and "Bad Moon". We made Joe watch "Hostel".

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Happy V-Day B-Ro's. 

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And we are back! New season same old show. This week we take a look at the 80's slasher classic "My Bloody Valentine" and the Meghan Fox thirst trap of a flick "Jennifer's Body" Joe talks about Ryan Renyolds abs way too much and Scott brings back a classic OTC segment that only he misses. 

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Direct download: Episode_778_Nine_Deaths_of_the_Ninja_Goes_Solo.mp3
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Year end cram continues with "The Leech" and The Sadness" Joes starts the The Amityville Horror Film series and Scott.....well you know I wasn't listening.  

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The year end cram continues this week with the new Benson & Moorehead flick "Something in the Dirt" we also cover the Taiwanese found footage flick "Incantation" Joe finally finishes off the Childs Play series and Scott talks about the same video game he talked about last week......nerd. 

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This week we start our year end cram with Pearl and Smile. 

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Reviews Od Mansio of Madness and I am ZoZo 

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Reviews of The Baby and Parents.

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Bill and Chris square off on Terrifier 2 and then the new Cronenberg film Crimes of the Future makes everything just a little bit dirty. 

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Direct download: Episode_767_LVX_Barbarian_AEterna.mp3
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2 new releases from Shudder this week. they both floored us but for totally different reasons, VHS99 and Deadstream.

Direct download: Episode_766_VHS_Deadstream_99.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_765__Dark_Halloween_Glasses_Ends.mp3
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This week Bill gets unreasonably mad over Rob Zombie's The Munsters and is way too easy on the new Hulu version of Hellraiser. Chris is indifferent, Joe and Scott finish off the the Final Destination series and fun was had by all.   

Direct download: Episode_764_The_Hellraiser_Munsters.mp3
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Reviews this week of A Record of Sweet Murder and Superstition. 

Direct download: Episode_763_Record_of_Sweet_Superstition_Murder.mp3
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Patreon reviews this week for "The Children's Hour" and Borgman. Joe and Scott both take a look at Final Destination 3 and Bill wins a prestigious award. 

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. Dario Argento's Trauma is on tap this week. We also take a look at the Canuxploitation oddity Things. 

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Reviews of Nope and the Dhudder exclusive Offseason.

Direct download: Episode_760_OffSeason_NOPE.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_759_The_NorthLamb_Man.mp3
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Patreon picks from David.

Direct download: Episode_758_The_Eat_the_Last_Boyscout_Rich.mp3
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Ollie.......I hope it was worth it. 

Direct download: Episode_757_TROLL_SNATCH.mp3
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Reviews of Prey and Jugface

Direct download: Episode_756_Prey_Jugface.mp3
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2 More Patreon picks this week. very differnet films that strangley enough are going for the same reaction.

Direct download: Episode_755_Luz_The_Visitor_of_Evil.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_754_Almost_Nosferatu_Human.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_753_Born_of_Pathfinder_Fire_.mp3
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More Patreon reviews this week as we take a look at the 80's classic Fright Night suggested from Donny and Guns Akimbo from David. Joe finishes up the Vampires Saga and Scott saw Thor.

Direct download: Episode_752_Guns_Fright_Akimbo_Night.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_751_KnifeDOCHeart.mp3
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This week we cover 2 Patreon picks from long time friend of the show Shane. Spike Lee's "Bamboozled" and the meta found footage faux doc inside a found footage flick "Butterfly Kisses"

Direct download: Episode_750_Butterfly_Bamboozled_Kisses.mp3
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Bill is on Vacation so this week we so dive into the Archives for a interview with Writer/Director Eric Pennycoff whos new film "The Leech" just premeired at The Chatt Film Festival. In this talk Bill and Eric talk all about Metal and his film "Sadistic Intentions". 

Direct download: From_the_Archives_With_Eric_Pennycoff.mp3
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Hello everyone, this week picks from Donnie and Dusty with The Most Dangerous Game and Vicious Fun. 

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