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Episode #431 Bad Strange Taste Invaders

Sci Fi Mayhem has started. Reviews of Bad Taste and Strange Invaders. 

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  • I can't help but think that the creator of the list was mixing-up obscure with absurd. But, they did use absurd in their text too. Bad Taste was a movie that came highly recommended through-out my teen years in the late 80s, along with Blood Sucking Freaks, and oddly enough Hardware. This was before Peter Jackson was even a name worth mentioning, even in genre circles. At the time, I liked the movie quite a bit, but I can definitely see where it hasn't aged well. In fact, out of those three movies I just mentioned, Hardware is the only one that I would have any desire to watch more than a few times. Also, unlike the two of you, I loved Meet The Feebles, and thought it was an hilarious, but quite disgusting satire of the entertainment industry. But, as the father of a nine year old daughter, I do not plan on watching it again anytime soon.

    posted by: Jay on 2016-05-06 12:25:58

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