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We feature films running the gamut from Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. You know that random video you got on VHS from some random mom and pop video store when you were 12? Yeah, we covered it. So sit back and enjoy the OTC ride.
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Without Warning is a 1994 made-for-TV movie that presents a fictional news coverage of a series of meteorite strikes around the world. The film follows the events as they unfold, with reporters and scientists trying to make sense of the situation. The story raises questions about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the moral dilemmas that arise when faced with a potential threat. The film keeps viewers engaged by revealing information gradually and creating a sense of mystery. The finale of the film delivers a thought-provoking conclusion. Overall, Without Warning is a compelling and well-executed example of analog horror. The conversation covers the movie 'Without Warning' and the anthology film 'Creepypasta Death Net'. In 'Without Warning', the hosts discuss the lack of clarity regarding the purpose of the alien meteorites in the movie. They also mention other films with similar alien invasion themes. In 'Creepypasta Death Net', they critique the weak writing and execution of the anthology's stories. They highlight one particular story about a cursed poster that they found frustrating and poorly done. In this conversation, Bill and Prof. Christopher Bricklemyer discuss the movie 'Creepypasta Death Net' and the Lone Wolf and Cub film series. They critique the writing, acting, and overall execution of 'Creepypasta Death Net,' expressing disappointment with its lack of development and plot points. They also discuss the potential of the creepypasta genre and suggest alternative approaches to creating a more engaging anthology. They then transition to reviewing the Lone Wolf and Cub film series, praising its craftsmanship, storytelling, and impact on popular culture. They discuss the characters, plot, and performances in the first installment, 'Sword of Vengeance,' and express excitement for the rest of the series. Finally, they review two other films, 'Special Bulletin' and 'Without Warning,' highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

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