Outside the Cinema
We feature films running the gamut from Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. You know that random video you got on VHS from some random mom and pop video store when you were 12? Yeah, we covered it. So sit back and enjoy the OTC ride.

This week we catch up on the stuff we were supposed to cover last week. The Dentist 2 and Savage Beach. Also make sure to check out Bill's new Spotify Exclusive podcast "Front 2 Back" Album commentary for full albums hits to deep cuts. check it out here 


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Things got all messed up so here is the show we did not the one we promised.

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Hey people, this week on the show Bill and Chris take look at the 1961 Dennis Hopper Mermaid tale Night Tide. Then we fast forward to the gogo 90's and book an appointment with Corbin Bernsen for The Dentist. Joe barks at the Full Moon and takes in the first of the Subspecies series and finally Scott stops but to give us the Godzilla Vs. Kong review no one wanted.

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This week Chris attempts to Bore Bill to death with the Sci Fi Ted Talk "Creation of the Humanoids" and we take a look at the often over looked Blood Creek from 2009. Joe finishes up the Kickboxer series and Scott does what he does as only he can do.

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BOOM! Movies

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