Outside the Cinema
We feature films running the gamut from Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. You know that random video you got on VHS from some random mom and pop video store when you were 12? Yeah, we covered it. So sit back and enjoy the OTC ride.
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If you thought last week was trashy.....

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Reviews this week of the Religious found footage flick "Final Prayer" and the Japanese weird out "R100"

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Hey everyone, Bill and Chris return with a episode that turned out to be more of a therapy session than a normal show. Bill runs through the whole ordeal of what happened to him to lay him up in the hospital 16 days and Chris dives deep into a number of things that have been ongoing with him to help relieve his mind. This is a deep one and prob not for everyone but it was a great release for us. Nxt week we are back on track with show #800! Thanks for sticking with us through the unplanned break.  

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Reviews of City of Fire and Dark Waters 

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Holiday week means a show made up of bits and pieces, some real classics this week with reviews of "Sceams of a Winter's Night" and "Punisment Park. Joe grinds his way through "The Gudge 2" and we revist the time Tommy and Scott came to the studio to talk about erotic fiction. 

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The Blood on Levenger Satan Tapes Claw

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Back with a really new show this week. Reviews of Punk Rock! and the British Tv Mockumentary Alternative 3.

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This week proved to be to tough to get a full show put together so Bill has created the Illusion of a new episode with reviews of El Topo and The Time Guardian, plus a revist of one of the greatest Rev Scott segments of all time.

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Reviews of Bad Milo and The Cat

Direct download: Episode_790_The_Bad_Milo_Cat.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_789_The_Manitou_Glove.mp3
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Reviews of Omega Syndrome and Last Girl.

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Bottom of the barrel this week with reviews of "The Divine Enforcer" and Effects

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Reviews of Mood Indigo and Nightmare Weekend

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Reviews of Death Line and The Astrolger

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Reviews of Beyond the Seventh Door and Arabella Black Angel

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Reviews of "The Loved Ones" and "Bad Moon". We made Joe watch "Hostel".

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Happy V-Day B-Ro's. 

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And we are back! New season same old show. This week we take a look at the 80's slasher classic "My Bloody Valentine" and the Meghan Fox thirst trap of a flick "Jennifer's Body" Joe talks about Ryan Renyolds abs way too much and Scott brings back a classic OTC segment that only he misses. 

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Year end cram continues with "The Leech" and The Sadness" Joes starts the The Amityville Horror Film series and Scott.....well you know I wasn't listening.  

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The year end cram continues this week with the new Benson & Moorehead flick "Something in the Dirt" we also cover the Taiwanese found footage flick "Incantation" Joe finally finishes off the Childs Play series and Scott talks about the same video game he talked about last week......nerd. 

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This week we start our year end cram with Pearl and Smile. 

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Reviews Od Mansio of Madness and I am ZoZo 

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Reviews of The Baby and Parents.

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Bill and Chris square off on Terrifier 2 and then the new Cronenberg film Crimes of the Future makes everything just a little bit dirty. 

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2 new releases from Shudder this week. they both floored us but for totally different reasons, VHS99 and Deadstream.

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This week Bill gets unreasonably mad over Rob Zombie's The Munsters and is way too easy on the new Hulu version of Hellraiser. Chris is indifferent, Joe and Scott finish off the the Final Destination series and fun was had by all.   

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Reviews this week of A Record of Sweet Murder and Superstition. 

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Patreon reviews this week for "The Children's Hour" and Borgman. Joe and Scott both take a look at Final Destination 3 and Bill wins a prestigious award. 

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. Dario Argento's Trauma is on tap this week. We also take a look at the Canuxploitation oddity Things. 

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Reviews of Nope and the Dhudder exclusive Offseason.

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Patreon picks from David.

Direct download: Episode_758_The_Eat_the_Last_Boyscout_Rich.mp3
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Ollie.......I hope it was worth it. 

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Reviews of Prey and Jugface

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2 More Patreon picks this week. very differnet films that strangley enough are going for the same reaction.

Direct download: Episode_755_Luz_The_Visitor_of_Evil.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_754_Almost_Nosferatu_Human.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_753_Born_of_Pathfinder_Fire_.mp3
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More Patreon reviews this week as we take a look at the 80's classic Fright Night suggested from Donny and Guns Akimbo from David. Joe finishes up the Vampires Saga and Scott saw Thor.

Direct download: Episode_752_Guns_Fright_Akimbo_Night.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_751_KnifeDOCHeart.mp3
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This week we cover 2 Patreon picks from long time friend of the show Shane. Spike Lee's "Bamboozled" and the meta found footage faux doc inside a found footage flick "Butterfly Kisses"

Direct download: Episode_750_Butterfly_Bamboozled_Kisses.mp3
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Bill is on Vacation so this week we so dive into the Archives for a interview with Writer/Director Eric Pennycoff whos new film "The Leech" just premeired at The Chatt Film Festival. In this talk Bill and Eric talk all about Metal and his film "Sadistic Intentions". 

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Hello everyone, this week picks from Donnie and Dusty with The Most Dangerous Game and Vicious Fun. 

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We start Patreon picks this week! Both Rob and Josh made the suggestion of 1983's "Siege" We also watch Rob's other pick of Godzilla Vs. Space Godzilla. Joe watches "From Dusk Till Dawn 2" and Scott oils up his abs to tell us all about "Top Gun:Maverick"

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Direct download: Episode_747_Auntie_Lees_Killer_Meatpie_Delight.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_745_The_Apartment_Batwoman_143.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_744_The_Final_Shivers_Project.mp3
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This week we return to the trenches of 80's forgotten flicks. One is a very loose take on the Invisible Man and the other is a very loose take on pretty much on every thing else if you know what I mean. Joe is still watching the Trancers series and Scott took a child to Vegas all sound about right to me.

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Chris Closes out the month with picking a couple of his favs "Buckaroo Bonzai" and "Return of the Living Dead Part 2" 

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This week Chris chooses 2 flick from Benson and Moorhead as we dive into the confusing world of Resolution and The Endless. Joe starts the Trancers series and Scott watches one of our flicks from last week.  

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Bill Broke Chris so he is taking over booking all the films for the month of April. He starts with Await Further Instructions and As Above So Below. 

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Well, we tried to broadcast from 2 differnt countries and to the shock of no one it went poorly. So Bill and Chris Salvage what they can and talk about why Netflix doesnt know how to manage their own content and other random stuff. 

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Direct download: Episode_736_Black_Hurricane_Gunn_Smith.mp3
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This week we take a look at the final film of the legendary Boris Karloff "Targets". We then switch gears to the what many believe to be the quintessential american folk horror fim "Eyes of Fire". Joes returns to the very Irish inner city of Compton and Scott rates the new Batman flick on a scale of brooding per min. 

Direct download: Episode_735_Eyes_of_Targets_Fire.mp3
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This week on the show we cover Mark's Patreon choices in Michael Mann's feature debut "Thief" and the Dario Argento written western "The Five Man Army".  Joe travels to the most Irish hood in Cali as we made he watch "Leprechaun: In the Hood". Scott stops in with a way better review than our review of "Spring" I give it a B.
Direct download: Episode_734_The_Five_Man_Thief_Army.mp3
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Hey everyone welcome back to the only Cult Film review podcast that seems to have more audio issues in its 14th year than we can keep count of. This week is a Patreon show programmed by Howard. He Chose "Spring" and the Soccer Hooligan flick "The Firm" We launch Joe into space for Lep 4 and Scott really really wants to taste it. 


Direct download: Episode_733_The_Frim_Spring.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_732__Blood_Persona_Simple.mp3
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2 more of Chris's Blindspots this week. Funny Games and Assault on Precinct 13. 
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This week we fill in two blindspots on Bill's scorecard of film he missed with the Cult Classics "The Man Who Fell To Earth" and "The Devil Rides Out". 

Joe starts the Leprechaun series and god help him. 

Scott watches Netflix and "Wans" you to know about a new series he has been watching. 

Direct download: Episode_730_The_Man_Devil_Rides_Who_Fell_Out_to_Earth_.mp3
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Starting a month "How Have I Never Seen That?" Chris chose Pi and Delicatessen. Joe finally finishes the Scream franchise and Scott reviews our End of Year show from last week. 

Riverside.fm try for free


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As we Roll over to Season 14 of OTC let us take a look back at the best and worst stuff we have watched over the last year.

Direct download: Episode_728_14_Years_Gone.mp3
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This week we talk about one of the all time great bombs for MGM the Walter Hill (sort of) direct Sci Fi mess "Supernova". Our other flick is the low budget Time Travel Comedy FAQ About Time Travel. Joe finish up the 2nd season of Scream:The Series and Scott stops by to tell Chris he ain't s!?t

Direct download: Episode_727_FAQ_About_Supernova_Time_Traveling.mp3
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Trash and epic trash this week.

Direct download: Episode_726_The_Winterbeast_Guillotines.mp3
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Bill and Chris reveal what they liked the most for the past 12 months or so. Joe gives a taste of season 2 of the Scream Tv Series and Scott has a PC caught in his throat. All this and more on a very special episode of Outside the Cinema.

Direct download: Episode_725_Top_Ten_Films_of_2021.mp3
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YO! This episode is from 2009. Trust me me when I tell you it is a gift. A full commentary of the Anna Nicole Smith opus "Skyscraper".

Direct download: OTC_Live_6_Skyscraper.mp3
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Our Country is Broken and the makers of The Purge series knew it before the rest of us. Superhost is everyones worst AirBnB nightmare brought to life or well brought to digital cinema at least. 

Direct download: Episode_723_The_Foever_Superhost_Purge.mp3
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Reviews this week of Pig (HULU )and Honeydew (Shudder).

Direct download: Episode_722_Honeydew_Pig.mp3
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Catching up on new stuff sometimes can be a pain is it this week? Reviews of Prisoners of the Ghostland and Rent-A-Pal. Joe watches Scream 3 and as you can imagine it goes perfectly....for Bill. Scott reminds Bill and Chris that he is always ahead of the curve.

Direct download: Episode_721_Rent_a_Prisoner_of_Ghostland_Pal.mp3
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This week Bill and Chris go through the 3 film Fear Street series on Netflix. 

Bill made Joe watch Scream 2 and Scott stops by to tell Bill and Chris how right they always are (about him)

Direct download: Episode_720_Full_Fear_Street.mp3
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Reviews of Jumbo and Censor. Joe starts the Scream franchise and Scott talks about a movie but i cant remember which one. 

Direct download: Episode_719_Jumbo_Censor.mp3
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Comic writer and jack of all trades George O'Connor stops by the studio to chat with Bill about his new Comic Charlies's Spot. They also get into all kinds of life working independently and how building relationships is so important in the DIY creator space. make sure to head over to https://homelesscomics.square.site/ to get all of George's books.  

Direct download: Episode_Bonus_George_OConnor_Interview.mp3
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This week as part of our 2021 catch up we take a look at the Canadian Sci-Fi dreamscape "Come True". Our second feature is the A24 British pick up Saint Maude. Joe realizes he has made a costly error while trying to get through the last of the Children of the Corn series and Scott manages to say nothing but still gives a 6 min segment.

Direct download: Episode_717_Come_Saint_True_Maude.mp3
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Welcome back, this week we start a month of 2021 catch up. We take a look at the new Denny V version of "Dune" and the latest attempt to keep the Halloween series relevant "Halloween Kills". Scott gives us his thoughts on "Dune" and Joe asks the only question that really matters Gabriel or Collins (spoiler alert he chose poorly).

Direct download: Episode_716_Halloween_Dune_Kills.mp3
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This week we close out the Month of Throwdown. We take a look at 2 "forgotten" flicks. We start with the sleazy as sleazy can be "The Urge to Kill" which is the Alexa origins story Bezos tried to silence. Then we talk about the Japanese film "Snake Girl and the White Haired Witch" not the normal Asian film we cover but we can get into the that in the review. Scott dives head first into one of the film from last week and Joe......well Joe... he is trying to be positive but the Children of the Corn series is getting the better of him.

Direct download: Episode_715_The_Urge_To_Snake_Girl_and_Kill_The_White_Hair_Witch.mp3
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Throwdown Month!!! Reviews of Sweet Home and Long Pigs.

Direct download: Episode_714_Sweet_Long_Home_Pig.mp3
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Throwdown Month carries on this week with 2 more forgotten cult flicks Meet the Hollowheads and Radioactive Dreams. Joe looks deep into the cornfields of his heart for Children of the Corn Part 5 and Scott takes a trip down memory lane for his history with train horns.

Direct download: Episode_713_Meet_the_Radioactive_Hollowhead_Dreams.mp3
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Throwdown the month is here. All October we are cover Throwdown worth flicks! we start with 2 bottom of the barrel offerings. Zombie Ninja and Dr. Caligari

Direct download: Episode_712_Dr_Ninja_Caligari_Zombie.mp3
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This week we take a look at 2 new releases. Jordan Peele's take on the Candyman character and James Wan's attempt to dip his toes into more extreme horror with Malignant.

Direct download: Episode_711_Malignant_Candyman.mp3
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Bill sits with director Joe Badon originaly aired 2.25.2021 on Twitch.

Direct download: OTC_Live_2.25.2021_W_Joe_Badon.mp3
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