Outside the Cinema (general)
We feature films running the gamut from Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. You know that random video you got on VHS from some random mom and pop video store when you were 12? Yeah, we covered it. So sit back and enjoy the OTC ride.

Starting a month "How Have I Never Seen That?" Chris chose Pi and Delicatessen. Joe finally finishes the Scream franchise and Scott reviews our End of Year show from last week. 

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As we Roll over to Season 14 of OTC let us take a look back at the best and worst stuff we have watched over the last year.

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This week we talk about one of the all time great bombs for MGM the Walter Hill (sort of) direct Sci Fi mess "Supernova". Our other flick is the low budget Time Travel Comedy FAQ About Time Travel. Joe finish up the 2nd season of Scream:The Series and Scott stops by to tell Chris he ain't s!?t

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Trash and epic trash this week.

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Bill and Chris reveal what they liked the most for the past 12 months or so. Joe gives a taste of season 2 of the Scream Tv Series and Scott has a PC caught in his throat. All this and more on a very special episode of Outside the Cinema.

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YO! This episode is from 2009. Trust me me when I tell you it is a gift. A full commentary of the Anna Nicole Smith opus "Skyscraper".

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Our Country is Broken and the makers of The Purge series knew it before the rest of us. Superhost is everyones worst AirBnB nightmare brought to life or well brought to digital cinema at least. 

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Reviews this week of Pig (HULU )and Honeydew (Shudder).

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Catching up on new stuff sometimes can be a pain is it this week? Reviews of Prisoners of the Ghostland and Rent-A-Pal. Joe watches Scream 3 and as you can imagine it goes perfectly....for Bill. Scott reminds Bill and Chris that he is always ahead of the curve.

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This week Bill and Chris go through the 3 film Fear Street series on Netflix. 

Bill made Joe watch Scream 2 and Scott stops by to tell Bill and Chris how right they always are (about him)

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Reviews of Jumbo and Censor. Joe starts the Scream franchise and Scott talks about a movie but i cant remember which one. 

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Comic writer and jack of all trades George O'Connor stops by the studio to chat with Bill about his new Comic Charlies's Spot. They also get into all kinds of life working independently and how building relationships is so important in the DIY creator space. make sure to head over to https://homelesscomics.square.site/ to get all of George's books.  

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This week as part of our 2021 catch up we take a look at the Canadian Sci-Fi dreamscape "Come True". Our second feature is the A24 British pick up Saint Maude. Joe realizes he has made a costly error while trying to get through the last of the Children of the Corn series and Scott manages to say nothing but still gives a 6 min segment.

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Welcome back, this week we start a month of 2021 catch up. We take a look at the new Denny V version of "Dune" and the latest attempt to keep the Halloween series relevant "Halloween Kills". Scott gives us his thoughts on "Dune" and Joe asks the only question that really matters Gabriel or Collins (spoiler alert he chose poorly).

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This week we close out the Month of Throwdown. We take a look at 2 "forgotten" flicks. We start with the sleazy as sleazy can be "The Urge to Kill" which is the Alexa origins story Bezos tried to silence. Then we talk about the Japanese film "Snake Girl and the White Haired Witch" not the normal Asian film we cover but we can get into the that in the review. Scott dives head first into one of the film from last week and Joe......well Joe... he is trying to be positive but the Children of the Corn series is getting the better of him.

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Throwdown Month!!! Reviews of Sweet Home and Long Pigs.

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Throwdown Month carries on this week with 2 more forgotten cult flicks Meet the Hollowheads and Radioactive Dreams. Joe looks deep into the cornfields of his heart for Children of the Corn Part 5 and Scott takes a trip down memory lane for his history with train horns.

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Throwdown the month is here. All October we are cover Throwdown worth flicks! we start with 2 bottom of the barrel offerings. Zombie Ninja and Dr. Caligari

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This week we take a look at 2 new releases. Jordan Peele's take on the Candyman character and James Wan's attempt to dip his toes into more extreme horror with Malignant.

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Bill sits with director Joe Badon originaly aired 2.25.2021 on Twitch.

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Reviews of Night of the Demons 2009 and Vigilante 1983

Direct download: Episode_709_Night_of_the_Vigilante_Demons.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_708_Among_the_Living_Slaxx_.mp3
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This week we take a trip back to a wonderful time before Covid, before Trump, and before Chris hated everything. 

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Well hello there, this week we are doing 2 found footage flicks chosen by Chris. "The Lost Footage of Leah Sulivan" and "Occult". Joe starts the "Children of the Corn" Series and Scott watches the most violent film yet. 

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Bill hates Chris and wants to punish him. This week he partially succeed. Joe finally finishes off the Evil Bong series and Scott is just happy to be here.

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Justin picked the flicks for this week Naked Lunch and The Dark Backward. Joe is really questioning his and Bill's friendship. Scott dips his toes in the DC pool and we have a whole show.

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This episode sucks. 

Direct download: Episode_703_Video_Beaks_X.mp3
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Well Chris and Bill watched different movies with the same name so........cool. They both watched Pledge Night.......cool. Joe gets the week off and boy does he deserve it. Scott tries to make Bill and Chris feel bad and it doesn't work.

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For Episode 700 this week we will be breaking down both "A Quiet Place" films. You all seem to love these, Chris and I have questions. Please let us know your thoughts here or via email outsidethecinema@gmail.com or hit us up on IG @OTCBill

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Sorry about the late post this week schedules got crazy. This week Bill opens up a giant can of whoop ass on Chris with the Stone Cold Steve Austin paint by numbers flick "Recoil". But Karma is a bitch cause Return of Superfly does its best to tarnish one of Bill's favorite flicks. Poor Joe...... and well year poor Scott too. 

Direct download: Episode_699_The_Return_of_Recoil_Superfly.mp3
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We are back this week with a couple of flicks that split Chris and I in two different directions. Fist we have SciFi Horror mash up "Nightwish" and then we dive headfirst into the deep end that is the Duke Mitchell dumpster fire that is "Massacre Mafia Style" Joe does everything he can to say something nice about "Evil Bong 2" and Scott well..... Scot has a segment. 

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Bill is away this week so here is a episode originallly only released to the patreon feed. Bill hangs out with Actor/Comedian Matt McCarthy and talks about movie obsession and so much more.

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Reviews from our Patreon Supporters this week!!! Romero's lost film "The Amusement Park" and the under the radar Bigfoot flick Stomping Ground. Joe starts the Evil Bong series and Scott watches the new Conjuring flick cause he hates himself.

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This week on the show we take a look back at Paul W.S. Anderson's follow up to Event Horizon "Soldier" starring Kurt Russell. We also take a look back the late 80's faux sex comedy/Sci-fi flick Dr. Alien. 

Joe finishes off the American Ninja series and Scott watched a cartoon meant for children all this and more on this week's OTC.

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This week we take a look at the Soska Sisters cult favorite "American Mary" . Been a little while since we got deep in the Italian end so here is The Evil Eye a classic Pre giallo Bava flick. Joe is still making his way through the American Ninja Series and Scott finally gets back to the movie theater for a watch of "A quiet Place 2"

Direct download: Episode_694_The_Evil_American_Eye_Mary_.mp3
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This week we break form and take a look at the new Zack Snyder Zombie flick "Army of the Dead" and we figured it was a good time to go back and take another look at his first feature the now classic remake of "Dawn of the Dead". It seems like Scott read our minds as he also dips his heavenly toes into the Snyder Zombie lake this week. 

Apparently Joe didn't get the message and managed to just keep doing the American Ninja series with the 3rd installment of the franchise.

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Ollie picked "Tales From the Darkside" and we also cover the early Found footage flick "The Mcpherson Tape"

Direct download: Episode_692_The_Tales_From_The_McPerson_Darkside_Tape_.mp3
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Reviews of The Beast from 1988 and Deep Blood from the depths of hell.

Scott went on vacation and Joe relives memories of being a frat boy obsessed with Cannon movies. 

Direct download: Episode_691_The_Deep_Beast_Blood.mp3
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This week we take a look back at the Zac Snyder dream world "Sucker Punch". We then travel to the oddly colored town of Boston Mills in the found footage flick "June 9" 

Joe finishes up the Subspecies series and Scott lets you know what his fav film of the year is so far. 

Direct download: Episode_690_June_Sucker_9_Punch.mp3
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This week we catch up on the stuff we were supposed to cover last week. The Dentist 2 and Savage Beach. Also make sure to check out Bill's new Spotify Exclusive podcast "Front 2 Back" Album commentary for full albums hits to deep cuts. check it out here 


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Things got all messed up so here is the show we did not the one we promised.

Direct download: Episode_688_Q_and_Godzilla_Vs._Kong.mp3
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Hey people, this week on the show Bill and Chris take look at the 1961 Dennis Hopper Mermaid tale Night Tide. Then we fast forward to the gogo 90's and book an appointment with Corbin Bernsen for The Dentist. Joe barks at the Full Moon and takes in the first of the Subspecies series and finally Scott stops but to give us the Godzilla Vs. Kong review no one wanted.

Direct download: Episode_687_The_Night_Dentist_Tide_.mp3
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This week Chris attempts to Bore Bill to death with the Sci Fi Ted Talk "Creation of the Humanoids" and we take a look at the often over looked Blood Creek from 2009. Joe finishes up the Kickboxer series and Scott does what he does as only he can do.

Direct download: Episode_686__Creation_of_the_Blood_Humanoids_Creek.mp3
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BOOM! Movies

Direct download: Episode_685_The_Darkening_Ouija_Skies_Experiment_.mp3
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Bill throws a wrench into everything by having the recording done aa day early. Luckily Chris was able to watch the films and Scott pulled together a segment. No joe though and honestly the dude needed a break anyway. Films reviewed this week are Death Smiles on a Murderer and Punk Rock Vacation. 

Direct download: Episode_684_Death_Punk_Smiles_on_a_Vacation_Murderer.mp3
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This week Bill and Chris take a look at 2 flicks that are currently available on Prime. First we take the Mario Cuomo Bridge to "upstate NY" for the found footage film Evil Things. We then jump across the pond for the UK flick Outcast. Joe takes a stereotypical trip to Kickboxer 3 and Scott gets so confused he can't remember what anyone's name is anymore.
Huge shout out to this weeks show sponsor "@LOYALTYANDDEVOTION" It is easy to say that these guys are quickly becoming the official clothing brand of the OTC family. They are currently running a storewide sale so don't miss out. WWW.LOYALTYANDDEVOTION.CO.UK
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This week Bill and Chris ask you to Open Up and Say Ahhhh as we take a look at the Bret Michaels vanity project "A Letter From Death Row". After that we Unskinny Bop right along to the 1987 Bug flick "The Nest". Everyone's favorite Fallen Angel Joe Stops by to tell us about Kickboxer 2. We all know its Nothing But A Good Time when Scott and Holy Shit closes out the show. I had hoped he would Talk Dirty to me but alas Every Rose has It's Thorn and we need to end this punfest.

Direct download: Episode_682_Letters_From_the_Nest_Death_Row.mp3
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This week we review the British biker/undead cult favorite "Psychomania". Our second feature is the Argento story "Wax Mask". Joe finally gets away from the Witchcraft series and dives head first in the Kickboxer films. In what is almost a certain Tragedy you get to hear Bill try and find Scott's segment in the deep folders of his iPad. Once located we find that Scott watched another mid tier Netflix original.

Direct download: Episode_681_Wax_Psychomania_Mask.mp3
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Music Biopics this we as we take a look at the (although only partial) History of the all girl group "The Runaways" and the punk filth that was the short lived LA punk band The Germs and the film about them and their vocalist Darby Crash "What We Do is Secret". In what feels like it has been years in the making Joe finally gets to the end of the Witchcraft series with Witchcraft 16.
In this week's Holy Shit we are getting worried about Scott since he keeps send unsolicited mole pics to Chris.
Direct download: Episode_680_What_the_Runaways_Do_Is_Secret.mp3
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This week Bill and Chris take a look at 2 "Found Footage" flicks. First up is the faux doc Lake Mungo from 2010. We follow that up with Skew from 2011. Joe is coming dangerously close to finishing the Witchcraft series and Scott had a lousy Valentines day.

Direct download: Episode_679_Lake_Skew_Mungo.mp3
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This week we review 2 picks from our Patreon supporters. First we take a look at Joshua's pick up "More American Graffiti" and then Ollie's pick of "The Dam Busters".

Direct download: Episode_678_The_More_American_Dam_Busters_Graffiti.mp3
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This week we take a look at Ollie's pick "The Green Slime" and "The Blob" (1988)

Direct download: Episode_677_The_Green_Slime_Blob.mp3
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13th anniversary show. Top and Bottom Six from the last year of episodes.

Direct download: Episode__676_You_be_the_Top_and_Ill_be_the_Bottom_Six.mp3
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This week's reviews are "All the Color of the Dark" and Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trick Baby.

Direct download: Episode_675_All_the_Freeways_of_the_Dark_2.mp3
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Reviews of the Giallo classic What Have You Done to Solange and the 90's flick Freeway.

Direct download: Episode_674_What_Have_You_Done_Freeway_to_Solange.mp3
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First show of the new year and we review The Fifth Cord and The Premonition.

Direct download: Episode_673_The_Fifth_Premonition_Cord.mp3
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This week's episode is actually the recording from the 12.28.2020 live show. these are normally only available on our Patreon but with all the holiday shuffle going on we thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a tase of what we are doing weekly over there.

Direct download: Episode_672_End_of_the_Holiday_Horrors.mp3
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Reviews of I Spit On Your Grave (2010) And Prom Night (2008)

Direct download: Episode_671_I_Spit_On_Your_Prom_Night_Grave_Remake.mp3
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2 Asian films this week I Saw the Devil and Noroi: The Curse 

Direct download: Episode_670_I_Saw_the_Noroi_Devil_.mp3
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Films reviewed this week The Corruption of Chris Miller and Split Second.

Direct download: Episode_669_The_The_Split_Corruption_of_Second_Chris_Miller.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:46am EDT

Reviews of Ruckus and Stone Cold Dead

Direct download: Episode_668_Stone_Cold_Ruckus_Dead.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:00am EDT

Reviews of A Colt is My Passport and The Magician 

Direct download: Episode_667_The_Colt_Magician_In_my_Passport_.mp3
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The Devil's episode with Patreon suggestions Sonny Boy and Turbulence 3:Heavy Metal.

Direct download: Episode_666_Sonny_Turbulence_3_Boy_Heavy_Metal.mp3
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Reviews of Amsterdamned and Stranger Behavior.

Direct download: Episode_665_Strange_Amsterdamned_Behavior.mp3
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Reviews of the random 80's slasher "Edge of the Axe" and the Japanese Yakuza Hybrid "Blind Women's Revenge"

Direct download: Episode_664_Blind_Edge_of_The_Womens_Axe_Revenge.mp3
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This week Bill gives some news about the future and gives thanks. WE all give our thoughts on the films from this year's Halloween Throwdown.

Direct download: Episode_663_Eulogy_for_a_Throwdown.mp3
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Full review of the new Hulu Books of Blood and Bill and Chris catch up on tons of recent watches.

Direct download: Episode_661_Books_and_Loads_of_Flicks_of_Blood_.mp3
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Reviews of The Undertaker (Code Red Cut) and The Devil's Music.

Direct download: Episode_660_The_Devils_Undertaker_Music_.mp3
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Episode #659 Suffer Made In Little Children Britain

Reviews of Suffer Little Children and Made in Britain 

Direct download: Episode_659_Suffer_Made_in_Little_Britain_Children.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:22am EDT

Buckle in for a longer than normal show this week. This week we review the 1989 "Modern Classic" Witchtrap. We also take a look at a real hidden gem from 2004 with Robin Williams "The Final Cut" 

Direct download: Episode_658_The_Final_WitchTrap_Cut.mp3
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Lazy week we talk about those flicks and yup that is it. 

Direct download: Episode_656_The_Vampire_Ocean_Lovers_Waves.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:08am EDT

This week we finally cover Bill Paxton's Frailty. We also look at the 70's sex joke flick If You Don't Stop It...You'll Go Blind

Direct download: Episode_654_If_You_Dont_Stop_It_Youll_Go_Frailty.mp3
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This week we cover a certified cult classic in "Repo Man" and a Vampire Cash in "Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Direct download: Episode_653_Cirque_Du_Repo_Freak_Man.mp3
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This week Bill complains about having to do dad things, Chris talk about tree grinding robots and we look at the films Angst and Thank God Its Friday. 

Direct download: Episode_652_Thank_God_its_Angst_Friday.mp3
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Reviews of A Scanner Darkly and Swimfan

Direct download: Episode_651_A_Scanner_Swimfan_Darkly.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:38am EDT

Gamera!!!! or as Bill would say "oh cool Gamera"

Direct download: Episode_647_Gamera_The_Giant_Monster_or_Guardian_of_the_Universe.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:55am EDT

Reviews of Stigmata and End of Days. Plus we talk about the world we live in. 

Direct download: Episode_646_End_of_Stigmata_Days.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:15am EDT

Reviews of the classic anthology Asylum and the 90's Tv satire Stay Tuned 

Direct download: Episode_645_Stay_Asylum_Tuned.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:26am EDT

We finish off the Meatballs series with parts 3 and 4.

Direct download: Episode_644_Meatballs_3_and_4.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:30am EDT

This week we dive head first into the Meatballs series, the original and the one with the alien.

Direct download: Episode_643_Meatballs_Meatballs_Part_II.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:44am EDT

Reviews of Bride of Re-Animator and Kung Fu Hustle

Direct download: Episode_642_Bridge_of_Kung_Fu_Hustle_ReAnimator.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:22am EDT

Reviews of Firestarter and The Fury. 

Direct download: Episode_641_The_Fire_Fury_Starter_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:57am EDT

Reviews of Brainstorm and Class of 1984

Direct download: Episode_640_Class_of_Brainstorm_1984.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:11am EDT

Reviews this week of Dreamscape and Demolition High

Direct download: Episode_639_Demolition_Dreamscape_University.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:41am EDT

Reviews of Altered States and Alien Raiders 
Direct download: Episode_638_Altered_Alien_States_Raiders.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:54am EDT

Crap this week, Crap movies, crap days, crap night, and Holy Shit with Rev Scott.

Direct download: Episode_637_Demolition_Blue_High_City_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:41pm EDT

This week on the show we dig deep into Neil Breen's announcement of his new NOT a documentary and the 90's SciFi cyborg flick Nemesis. Plus we do a Top 6 of "Quarantine" Films  

Direct download: Episode636_Quarnebreen_Nemesis.mp3
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This week Bill and Chris catch you up on what they have been watching during the lockdown. then They review the 80's neon art fest "Liquid Sky" and the 90's DTV trash bag "The Club"

Direct download: Episode_635_The_Liquid_Sky_Club.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:33am EDT

Quarincast continues this week with the Robert Altman flick Images and the made for TNT Thriller Hide.

Direct download: Episode_633_Hide_Images.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:40pm EDT

Episode #632 Color Out of Cthulhu Space
Lovecraft this week while Chris and I try to keep our sanity.
Direct download: Episode_632_Color_Out_of_Cthulhu_Space.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:05pm EDT

Well world is has come to this Bill and Chris are doing a skype show. We dont miss shows and this lockdown is no different. Reviews of John Carpenter's Body Bags and Deadtime Stories Vol 2. 

Direct download: Episode_635_Deadtime_Body_Stories_Bags.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:30am EDT

Reviews and news https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/don-t-forget-to-leave-tim-landers-documentary#/

Direct download: Episode_630_State_Sorceress_Park.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:50pm EDT

All Anime this we as we review Blackjack: The Movie and Lily C.A.T. we also do a list break down of the "Top Ten Most Influential Anime in America"

Direct download: Epiode_629_Lilly_BlackJack_Cat.mp3
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Reviews this week of Sunday Too Far Away and Nightmare at Noon. plus we eat outdated snacks from Greece.

Direct download: Episode_628_Nightmare_Sunday_Noon_Too_Far_Away.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:41pm EDT

Patreon reviews of Red Rock West and Gozu

Direct download: Episode_627_Red_Gozu_Rock_West.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:46pm EDT

This week we review Moontrap and Virus. Plus we breakdown a list of "Essential Action Movies.

Direct download: Episode_625_Moon_Virus_Trap.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:42am EDT

This Show marks our 12th year as a podcast so what do we do? Well not much really just catch up on some stuff. 

Direct download: Episode_624_12_Years_and_We_Got_Nothing_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:18pm EDT

Chris and Bill reveal our top 12 favorite flicks of the year. we also talk a little music, a little stuff that we thought was awful and everything in between. 

Direct download: Episode_621_Tops_of_the_Tops_Best_of_the_Year.mp3
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Review this week of The Lighthouse and Girl on the Third Floor.

Direct download: Episode_620_Girl_on_the_Lighthouse_Third_Floor.mp3
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This week Bill and Chris continue their train ride straight to cinema hell with Rob Zombies Three From Hell and the German Abstract folk horror slow burn Hagazussa.

Direct download: Episode_619_Three_Hagazussa_From_Hell.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:00pm EDT