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In this episode of Outside the Cinema, Bill and Chris review the movies Blue Thunder and Lisa and the Devil. They discuss the weather and the start of baseball season. They also talk about the director John Badham and his filmography. The conversation touches on the low-key racism and sexism in Blue Thunder. The plot of the movie is summarized, and the technology used in the film, including the microphones. They also discuss the plot, the real stunts and action sequences, and the memorable 80s score.  In Lisa and the Devil, they talk about the confusing plot and the dream-like atmosphere. They highlight the failures of the screenplay in creating a cohesive and interesting story. The hosts discuss the visual style of Mario Bava and the lack of story in 'Lisa and the Devil'. 


  • The director John Badham has directed several notable films, including Saturday Night Fever and War Games.
  • Blue Thunder is a prototypical eighties action movie, with a focus on technology and a cool helicopter.
  • The movie features low-key racism and sexism, which was common in films of that era.
  • The microphones used in the film are not realistic, but they serve the purpose of the story.
  • Blue Thunder is an entertaining film that showcases the talent of the director and the actors.
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